Camera on your Eyeball

Camera on your Eyeball

Can you imagine the possibilities of having a camera on your eyeballs? Well, you don’t have to imagine that possibility for too long.  Sony just submitted a patent application for an eye camera that is so small, it could fit on a contact lens.  Finally Mission Impossible is actually possible!

A similar device was also developed by Google, but Sony took it to another level.  Sony has developed more features and control methods.

Even though this device is small enough to fit into a contact lens, it has:

  • A fully functioning camera
  • Imaging sensors that’s integrated into the camera
  • Wireless communication
  • Data storage

There is also a possibility for image stabilization, auto-focus and zoom features.  You can learn more about this new camera by Googling “Contact Lens and Storage Medium”, “Sony Eye Camera”.

This camera apparently responds to a persons blink. It can distinguish between a deliberate blink vs a naturally occurring one. It can be set to either capture a single image per blink or to continuously capture an image.  These images will be stored on your contact lens’ storage device.  First the data is buffered, then transferred into storage during a deliberate eye blink. It also has the ability to detect tilt angles and automatically corrects it for playback.

I’ve never worn contact lenses, but would put these on without a question. Tom Cruise did it and so can I.

The camera unit itself is situated towards the edge of the lens, away from your pupils. Giving the wearer an unimpeded view while wearing it. Sony also mentioned that they would allow the user to playback the data stored, with the help of its integrated lens array system that’s built into the lens. Sony’s version of a smart contact lens is a step above other technologies, because of its capability to store images into the lens itself. You’re wondering how does this lens power itself? Well, it has another impressive feature where its power comes from some form of antenna.  More leaks and details are yet to come, so stay tuned.

The patent is not yet approved but I am really impressed at how wearable technology has become ever more popular in the last few years (Like the Moto360).  Don’t be surprised if you to see more wearable technology emerge in the near future.

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