Is moving to cloud computing an option for your business

Is moving to cloud computing an option for your business

Is moving to cloud computing an option for your business? With the advent of cloud computing we can now pay for computer resources on demand. Storage, processor cores, RAM, connectivity, software, etc are some of the resources available. It is great to have the option to pay for only what you need. These resources are delivered as a service over the public Internet by popular and trusted cloud service providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft AzureGoogle Cloud Platform and Rackspace.

Why would Cloud Computing an option for your business

  • When you require infrastructure for a Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Temporary set of computing resources to test applications.
  • Lots of space to host a large website and distribute large amounts of content.
  • To get access to software applications and tools such as, databases, email, customer relationship (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools without expensive licenses.

The benefits of Cloud Computing

  1. You will reduce upfront costs because you can quickly set up servers or software, pay and start running your application.
  2. Since cloud computing is ‘On demand’, adding or reducing resources is quick, saving you money which would have been spent getting over-sized servers and being locked in to long-term software contracts.
  3. With cloud computing you can reduce the number of system administrators required to manage IT and put the money saved to employing more customer facing people. People like business analysts or  business intelligence specialists.
  4. There is a good chance of reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and this is debatable. The company will incur the cost of resources, space, licensing, management tools, etc. For a detailed look at TCO considerations for the cloud versus a self-managed on premises solution please read this.
  5. Sharing files and folders on cloud services like Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox,, etc improves productivity because people work from anywhere.
  6. Cloud  providers have spent a lot of money to build their infrastructure to be reliable, secure and easy to scale which means you can invest the saving you have made in your core business.

The disadvantages of Cloud Computing

  1. Providers have built their datacenters with high speed connectivity however, if the subscriber’s connectivity is slow and unreliable, then they will not benefit from cloud computing.
  2. Cloud services can be inflexible especially in accommodating cloud apps and introducing vendor lock-in. If your data is stored or arranged using the providers proprietary format it can be a problem if the provider closes shop or you need to move.
  3. If not carefully considered costs can quickly escalate. For example. you have subscribed for Option 1 for a particular software. Because your business grows you need to move to Option 2 but Option 2 is two times the monthly cost of Option 1. This can affect the performance of your businesses.
  4. Some providers charge for outbound transfer i.e. data being downloaded from your cloud application. The amount of  outbound data transferred can be difficult to predict and the costs can add up quickly.
  5. You lose some control because you have to trust a third-party provider with the availability and integrity of your data. If you really need control then consider colocation. Colocation facilities provide you with space, electrical power, HVAC and physical security to host your own servers, storage, and networking.

What is the next step to adopt Cloud Computing?

If answer to “is cloud computing an option for your business?” is yes then, find a cloud expert to help you make the right choice.

There are many factors to consider like what is already owned. When will it retire. What are the capabilities of the IT staff. Would you prefer an opex or capex arrangement. Whether or not candidate functions can be better managed by an outside organization or by internal resources.

Support Visions, Inc. is an established managed services provider with a focus on integrating cloud services technologies in the Rhode Island area. We provide support and consultancy nationwide. We can help you in the selection and planning as you consider to move to cloud computing.

Support Visions, Inc. also develops business applications, optimizes applications and manages the infrastructure for you.

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