How To Create Strategic Blogs To Help Your SEO Using WordPress

How To Create Strategic Blogs To Help Your SEO Using WordPress


How To Create Strategic Blogs To Help Your SEO Using WordPress.  WordPress is the most popular tool in creating powerful websites. This class is for people who don’t have a website for their business or are already using WordPress.

You will learn:

  • How to create or maintain your existing WordPress site
  • Choose the right theme for your website
  • How to track traffic to your site
  • How to come up with the right title and description with SEO in mind.
  • How to create strategic blogs to help your SEO
  • How to install and use plugins like a form to capture visitor’s contact information
  • Look at different types of plugins that can help your site.
  • How to Create a Webpage using WordPress



Wed, March 22, 2017

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EDT



Sprout RI

166 Valley Street

Providence, RI 02909



About the Instructor:

Kamil - Support Visions

Kamil Sarji is a passionate and talented Information Technologist. Being in the Information Technology field for over 19 years, creating/managing Windows/Linux/Unix servers, SQL Databases, PHP programming, Software development, VoIP, Virtual Private networks, and hardware troubleshooting/repair. CEO and Founder of Support Visions, Inc. a software development company in Rhode Island. The company delivering robust, customized business software to global organizations, government departments, small and medium-sized firms, startups and individuals. 




Score RI


Kamil is also a Score counselor. Rhode Island SCORE is one of the 364 Chapters of the national SCORE organization that operate under the auspices of the SBA. The RI team consists of more than 39 seasoned business counselors. These counselors are business owners, CPAs, MBAs, college professors, patent attorneys, web designers, insurance brokers marketing communications consultants and more.

Knowing what it takes to succeed because: They’ve started businesses, bought businesses and sold businesses; Hired employees and fired them; Being landlords and tenants, and litigants in lawsuits. Their mission as volunteers is to share a cross-industry expertise to mentor the small companies of Rhode Island and surrounding region in the best practices of all facets of business management.


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Support Visions, Inc. is a software development company in RI, located in Smithfield and established in 2009.  Dedicated to building custom software that improve, automate, and simplify the way companies do business.  82% of businesses operate conduct their day to day the long way.  They spend too much time entering information, emailing, scheduling, text messaging, and confirming information from their customers, potential customers, employees and inventory.  Support Visions, Inc. identifies weaknesses and maximizes all technology potentials to keep you working in an innovative way.  Focus is developing customized software for ­profit and nonprofit organizations, local and state governments and individual clients.  Software development such as Web applications as well as Apple and Android mobile application development.  They also provide consulting services to improve business processes using existing technology, integration, or creating a new solutions.

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