Creating a Website for Businesses

Back in the 60s the internet was created (and not by Al Gore).  It was created for the Department of Defense to communicate with each other.  It wasn’t created for them to update their status or profile pic, they were using it for serious business.  Once the telephone modem came around people started using them to connect to each other, which allowed them to send files, or even chat with each other.  Then Buliten Board Systems (BBS) came around, allowing the public to connect to their server, but it was limited to how many phone lines they had, it could have been 1 or 5.  These hosts had to dish out their own money and pay the phone company to have these extra dedicated lines. I’ve used BBS back in the day, and even thought of hosting my own, but it would have been costly not to mention running wiring in my parent’s house.  If you want to connect to a BBS you’d hope that the phone lines weren’t busy, once you’re in you could selfishly take your time to post ads, share files, or play text based games, etc.

Then came AOL and CompuServe and helped get this internet thing more streamline.  Now surfers can see pictures instead of that boring text based BBS phone system.  Although the speed wasn’t lightning fast pictures on webpages took forever to load.  To solve that problem downgrading the quality of the picture helped because there is less of the file to download.  Big companies started creating websites for their customers.  They would list helpful information such as time they were open, their phone number, products they sold, investor information, and the list kept going on and on.  If you’re GMC, or GE and have not reserved your dot com name then you’re screwed.  Remember when wrestling was called WWF?  Well the WWF stood for World WildLife Fund, so the World Wrestling Federation had to change its name to World Wrestling Entertainment, but they still have which refers to their site.  Domain names were very important and they were starting to get eaten up quickly for business and personal use.  Why are domains being bought for personal use?  Well, people didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin yet, plus they had to practice their web designing skills because it was going somewhere.

Geocities was a company that allowed users an easy way to create a website, and even hosted their website for them.  You could change your background to Neon Yellow or any other annoying color you choose, fonts, size of fonts, you can even put up pictures.  They made it very easy that even my dad can create a webpage and show his collection of backgammon boards.  Now there is no need for people to create a webpage, they can express themselves on Twitter or Facebook with their friends and family.  Businesses even setup Fan pages on Facebook and try to get their customers to click Like.  Even though Businesses have Facebook they still need a way to express themselves and go out of the limiting box that is Facebook.  Don’t get me wrong Facebook is a great way to attract more people to you (as long as you keep it active with status updates, etc.), but Businesses need to expand and grow, which brings me to WordPress.  WordPress allows users to easily create a simple and logical looking site that Google likes. Mobile surfers can also enjoy WordPress websites, and there are so many posibilities.  More and more i’m starting to notice the increased use of WordPress for not only business, but also personal.  Now that we have WordPress, what will the future hold for us when creating a website for businesses?

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