Excel 2016 and How it can help your Business - Dec-2015

Excel 2016 and How it can help your Business – Dec-2015

Spreadsheets has helped businesses since the late 70s, early 80s.  It makes it easy to take something so complicated and simplifying it.  So many professionals and business owners use it today, because it helps them take data and transform it into information that is useful.  This class will help new and advanced users learn new tricks and understand the concept of spreadsheets.  


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  • What’s new with Excel 2016
  • Concept of a Spreadsheet
  • Sheets within a Spreadsheet
  • Cells, Rows, Columns
  • Types of Formats for Cells
  • Making it pretty
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Paper Size, Print Areas, Print titles,
  • Graphs, Graphs…. and more Graphs
  • Mostly Used formulas
  • Macros


Greenville Public Library
573 Putnam Pike
Greenville, RI 02828
(401) 949-3630

About the Instructor:

Kamil - Support Visions

Kamil Sarji is a passionate and talented Microsoft and Cisco certified IT professional and has been in the IT field for over 18 years.  With a solid background in delivering robust, customized IT solutions and technical support to global organizations, government departments, small and medium sized firms, startups and individuals. He is the CEO and Founder of Support Visions, an IT solutions company, based in Rhode Island, dedicated to leading a team of professionals in the successful design, implementation and support of IT systems.



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