How Companies are losing more money with CRM

Have you recently purchased a CRM from a leading vendor for your company? Are you aware of all that it offers? Does your business require all the features mentioned in the package? We will look into reasons why and how companies are losing money with CRM.  

How Companies Are Losing Money with CRM

How Companies Are Losing Money with CRM

Over the years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offerings have evolved from client-server to enterprise and to SaaS based versions. A CRM manages interactions of any company with their current and future customers.  It is used by the sales, marketing, and other departments.

The benefits of using CRM are critical to a business:

  • Allows storage of all types of leads, customers and contacts in a centralized repository.
  • Records history of past phone or email discussions, which can be cross referenced at anytime. (ex. Hey Larry, How did your son do on his basketball tournament last week?)
  • Business intelligence, enables better marketing decisions.
  • Stores data on the cloud, which eliminates the chance of data loss.

All these features come at a price. The monthly direct cost for using a SaaS based pre-built CRM from the bigger players, such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, SAP, Oracle or Insightly ranges from $ 9 per user to $ 19 per user, or more. The expense increases as the number of users subscribed are increased.

If we are considering effective usage and the cost associated, then it is not a smart expense for businesses.

A Custom CRM is the best alternative. Built specifically to the needs of the business.  From the medical field to manufacturing, a Custom CRM outsmarts the leaders in key areas:

  • Simplicity: It is developed with the customer’s requirements in mind. A pre-built CRM has a number of unnecessary features and could seem too confusing.  
  • Complexity & Implementation Cost: Building a custom CRM will focus on the industry specific needs, which makes it less complexity and more cost saving.
  • Cost of Ownership: Companies end up paying a monthly fee per user (even if they don’t use the system).  You may be wasting money on unnecessary features that are costing you a higher premium. Owning and developing a custom CRM with Support Visions makes the most sense, than paying for features or employees that are not using it.
  • Training Charges: Training is much easier when employees are using a CRM system that they’ve help develop, as opposed to a complex system.
  • Pricing Flexibility: A Custom CRM’s pricing is usually cost effective long term.  It is also specific to their needs and their customer’s needs.

Having Support Visions create a custom CRM for you business, will save you time and money. It’s like buying a premade suit according to your size, or have one tailor made.  Except in this instance the tailor made suit is much cheaper.

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