Improve your Business visibility with Facebook's New Updates

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It seems that Facebook is stepping up their game once more when it comes to connecting people. They announced that you can improve your business visibility with Facebook’s new updates.

Many consumers have used Facebook to reach out to businesses whenever they have some unanswered questions or specific inquiries about a product or a service. In fact, Facebook has said early last year that there are “ more mobile connection in the world than there are humans on the planet”. It is quite unsurprising that businesses would use this type of connection to their advantage. Facebook also managed to make their Page more handy by making it mobile friendly.  Therefore, providing users information about any business right at their fingertips. After that improvement, Facebook then made another step up by providing more communications control for page owners. Now, Facebook  is allowing business owners to have even more visibility by displaying their usernames below their Page name. Businesses can update their usernames to a signature one that would be unique and easily identified by anyone. These usernames can be the same as their page name or a different one if they prefer.

In addition to the new username visibility on the page, Facebook also announced Messenger Links. This links will directly open a Messenger chat thread  when you click it. It makes it easier for anyone to send a direct message to any business page on Facebook. There is also a scannable code called Messenger Code which is similar to a snapchat code that performs the same function as that of the Messenger Link.

To add more personality to the Messenger thread box of a business, Facebook said that it will allow Page users to customize their “Messenger Greetings”. This message will be displayed instantly in the thread box before any message is sent by the involved parties. This will allow business page owners to be more approachable and friendly.

With these new tools that Facebook developed, businesses with a Facebook page will definitely be easier to reach and business owners will be thankful about it.

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