It’s OK to Give Hackers your Password

No need to change your password if it is one of the following commonly used passwords:It's OK to give Hackers your password

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No really, there is no need to change it.  Even if you had a difficult password, feel free to post it online for the world to see.  Hackers will have a hard time getting into your account if you have Two-Factor Authentication.  

Two-Factor Authentication is a technology created in 1984.  It combines two different components to verify that a user is who they say they are.  These components could be a combination of something that you know and a card, chip, DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns and hand measurements, etc.  An example would be you entering your pin number on your phone and it also requires you to scan your fingerprint. Using a password (something you know), and your fingerprint (something you have) increases the authenticity of you.

You’re already using Two-Factor Authentication and don’t even know it.  If you’ve ever been asked to confirm a PIN number that was sent to your phone via text message for authentication, then you’re using Two-Factor Authentication.  Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, WordPress, Banks, and more companies are now allowing users to activate a Two-Factor Authentication.  When activated (because this doesn’t happen automatically), you will be required to enter your username, password, and your verification code.


Google Authenticator

If registered correctly, a code generator will automatically generate a matching verification code to allow you access to the site you’re logging into. If you enter the wrong code, you’re not getting in. There is a unique algorithm that is used on your code generator device and on the website you are logging into.  This unique algorithm is set to change the PIN number every minute.  Making it even more difficult to crack.


Google has an app called Google Authenticator, that is a code generator.  SupportVisions QRKeeping track of all the websites you registered with a Two-Factor Authentication.  Registration is easy: Go to the security section of Facebook (or other any other sites you use) and look for two factor, dual factor, security codes, or code generator.  You will now be able to setup your code generator (Google Authenticator) to have the same matching code using the same algorithm.  You will get a QR Code (like this ->), that will register your Google Authenticator algorithm with the site.  


So It’s OK to give hackers your password, because they will need to figure out your 6 digit pin.  That would give them 1 million different combinations to try within a minute.  If they enter the wrong combination of password and pin more than 3 times, your account will lock (which is another safety measure).  Support Visions strongly suggests implementing this type of authentication at your business.  We automatically setup two factor for our clients, because we want to make sure hackers can’t get their data.  Two factor is just one of the ways we make sure our clients are protected.  To find out more about Support Visions and how we can help your business Click here.

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