One Unified Skype Application for Windows 10 users

Microsoft wanted to take the opportunity to cater to mobile users needs by chopping Skype into smaller apps. Features such as  messaging and video calling were made into separate apps.  This was in the hopes that their consumers would find it ever more user-friendly. Now Microsoft has decided to change their strategy and released a unified Skype application for Windows 10.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 users are looking for one app that does it all, and a to reduce clutter. This Skype Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application will have all the separate Skype apps combined together into one. Users will be able to access this app across all windows 10 devices.

Many were thrilled to have an app that lets you do one task at a time. Users with large screen devices such as tablets and mobile phones (Nexus 6p), were looking for ways to de-clutter their device from all having tons of app. This is the reason why Microsoft created the new Skype UWP.

The Microsoft Skype team mentioned in their blog post, that they wanted to improve the existing Skype app with a new feel. They have simplified the interface by removing redundant menus, and other unnecessary items in order to keep everything simple and easy to use. The global menus are now located in a single Settings menu, and that improvement such as more contextual menus will be released in the coming future.

Windows 10 users are the ones who will most likely take advantage of this new unified Skype Application. It is currently available to testers of Microsoft apps, and platforms know as Windows Insiders. You can be one if you like.

The Skype UWP would have features like the ones it has right now, in addition to:

  • Letting users sign in using their Microsoft account and linking their Skype ID.
  • App flexibility and the sharing features are in progress and will be available soon.
  • Ability to create a group and send group messages.
  • Making group calls.

The existing Skype apps are still accessible to users of Windows 10. The transition to the new Skype Universal Windows Platform will gradually transition to current Windows 10 users.  Before the release of the fully functioning, lightweight yet high-quality application, they will need some help.  They will rely on the feedback they gain from insiders testing the app, and also by monitoring the performance of the their test version.

This unified Skype application will first be available to Windows 10 PCs and then to Windows 10 Mobile devices. The current, separate Skype apps for video chats and messaging will still be available to Windows 10 mobile users if they prefer.

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