Quicktime for Windows PC is advised to be Uninstalled by Apple

Quicktime for Windows PC is advised to be Uninstalled by Apple

Read on and find out why.

Our ever increasing developments have shown us that leaps and bounds can be done especially in the technological sector. New machines are invented to aid us in our daily lives, Softwares are developed to help manage our work, and phone applications continue to spring from everywhere. These advancements are just some examples but the most important advancement that we have to focus on, is the security of each and every person on this planet. It is especially true now that we are in the digital era.

One specific software has been deemed hazardous to Windows PC users; this software is Quicktime. TrendMicro has published an urgent call for action to anyone using a Windows PC to uninstall this software on April 14th, 2016. They confirmed that Apple has discontinued issuing updates for Windows PC Quicktime. As you can see, I keep repeating Windows PC Quicktime because Mac OSX is not affected by any of this concern. TrendMicro states that they have found two vulnerabilities in the software that could potentially be used by hackers to take control of your computer. They, however, also stated that they do not have reports coming in that hackers have used these vulnerabilities to their advantage. Read the whole blog here.

You can also read and watch a news feed on the Fox News website about this current security threat. It is clear in this report that homeland security is reaching out to the public and is actively involved in spreading the word. Fox News also mentioned in their news blog that the DHS’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)has issued a similar report that warns Windows PC users of the said security susceptibilities. Read  and watch the Fox News blog here.

Both TrendMicro and US-CERT has stated that the safest method to protect yourself (if you’re a Windows PC user) is to uninstall Quicktime.

Apple has not issued a statement about this security concern although a post on how to uninstall Quicktime in Windows PC can be accessed on their website.

This article just shows that security during this digital era is no small matter. The issuing of alerts by TrendMicro, US-CERT and the Fox News report just cements the fact that our security should and always be our number one concern.

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