Red DWG Library Speed Networking Event

Red DWG Library Speed Networking Event


Red DWG Library Speed Networking Event.  This Meetup is for professionals to grow their network 100% in one event. If you find it difficult to Network with EVERYONE in the room, OR, for people that have a difficult time approaching complete strangers and introducing yourself & the service or product you provide – ESPECIALLY WHEN ATTENDING LARGE EVENTS, this event makes it easy. This Meetup will introduce you to EVERYONE in the room – increasing your network 100%.

After the Speed Networking, everyone can then relax and enjoy drinks and passed hors d’oeuvres, and get better acquainted with your new network. Perfect for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and anyone wanting to grow & spread the word about their business.

SPONSORSHIP is available.

Thu, May 25, 2017

6:15 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

Red DWG Library

413 Central Avenue

ste. 300

Pawtucket, RI 02861

United States




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