Six Steps to Improve Data Backup and Quicker Recovery

Six Steps to Improve Data Backup and Quicker Recovery

Six Steps to Improve Data Backup and Quicker Recovery

Think Faster Recovery Time, Not Faster Backup – While regular backups are much quicker than performing a full-backup, they also extend retrieval time. If data loss occurs, a full retrieval will require loading the most recent full backup and then each gradual backup tape. Having too many additional backup tapes will not only extend the work-time, renovation process, but it also increases the possibility of not retrieving all of your data. The tape that you used for back-up might be missed, accidentally skipped over, or contain unwanted or corrupted data. Make sure to focus on developing the recovery time to secure faster data recovery. Speedier restoration time should be the primary goal, rather than a speedier backup process.

Maintain Sufficient Backup History – Current data can be corrupted and inaccessible instantly. This will demand the loading of an earlier data backup that is clean of corruption. Several small-scale businesses are mistakenly failing to keep enough backup history.

Make Sure to Backup Important Data, files, AND Applications – Some businesses don’t feel the need to back up all data but be sure essential databases, documents, and records are properly backed up regularly. Don’t omit applications that are crucial to day-to-day business operations neither. Several firms miss to backup apps, they will realize that it’s too late when they can’t even access the original installation disks when they’re trying to recover from data loss or an outage.

Have Off-Site or Online Backup – Several businesses back up data by merely moving necessary files to external hard drives that are then stored somewhere. But if they’re kept onsite, what happens if a fire, flood or other natural disaster takes out not just your server but your backup tapes and hard drives? Onsite backups can also be vulnerable to theft. Having secure off-site, or even online backup merely is the wise thing to do to make sure quick retrieval when trouble arrives in the city.

Fix Broken Access Controls on Your File Server – Several businesses have folders with sensitive and private data saved on a file server with outrageously allowed access control. Why take the risk of having a discontented – even previous- employee can access and misuse this data when you can control the access and limit it only to those in the company who really need it?

Make Sure to Test Restores – It can happen multiple times. Business owners think they have enough data backup plan in place. Tapes are changed and can be damaged, and everything appears to be backed up and all set. However, it disappointedly turns out the backups haven’t been working for months, or even years, right at the very moment they’re needed. Either the backups had become corrupt and useless, or large segments of data were not being backed up. This happens often. Don’t let it happen to you.

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