The Sky's the Limit for Small Businesses To Go To The Cloud

The Sky’s the Limit for Small Businesses To Go To The Cloud

The Sky’s the Limit for Small Businesses To Go To The Cloud

There has been a lot of hype about cloud computing transforming the way small-to-medium scale sized businesses do business. Proponents of the cloud say that cloud computing has leveled the playing field, allowing SMBs to finally compete with bigger companies despite their limited financial resources and staffing.

Still, many are uncertain to make the jump. They are doubtful to give up control, and they fear the cloud will expose them to higher security risks. Moving to the cloud definitely requires a leap of faith, but a recent ComScore study, completed on behalf of Microsoft, suggests that those who are froggy enough to leap (sorry) have definitely no regrets once they do.

In fact, when the survey was done, more than half of them wished they embraced it earlier and felt that the benefits far outweigh their initial worries.

What are those benefits?

Enhanced Privacy and Security

According to the study, 94% of companies who have embraced cloud services believe that they are now more secure than they were before, all because of the cloud’s spam management and up-to-date systems and of course the antivirus protection.

Less Downtime and More Confidence

61% of those surveyed reported lesser occurrence of downtime since they moved to the cloud. Few still experienced downtime events, but they felt it that the duration was shorter and full recovery can be attained much faster.

93% testified that they were more assured in their ability to retrieve after an outage fully. Comparatively, 73% responded that they felt the decency of their data in the cloud was stronger than before, which is interesting since data integrity has been the biggest issue about the cloud.

Environmental Friendliness

Any company aiming to be more “green” will acknowledge the environmental advantage of shifting to the cloud. A recent 6-month study conducted by the Berkeley Lab found out that running 86 million U.S. office workers of the cloud resulted in the use of 87% less energy, leaving enough extra electricity annually to power a city the size of Los Angeles for twelve months.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness and greater ROI (return on investment) are the most critical factors in getting CEOs and major decision makers to support moving to the cloud. A Rackspace commissioned study conducted by Vanson Bourne, found out that 62% of the respondents believed that embracing cloud computing strategies freed up the budget that could be used and reinvested in other operations like customer service, marketing, product development, and expansion into new markets.


While there is a competitive benefit that can be realized by moving to the cloud, those who are still nervous should migrate to the cloud at a pace they’re comfortable with. Once they implemented cloud monitoring and understand it a little more, most SMBs will grow more comfortable with the cloud and extend their use of it.

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